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Experienced Drainage Contractor in Abbotsford, Chilliwack and Beyond

Storm drains clog with leaves from the yard and trash from the street. You know the results: flooded streets and basements. Ideally, your storm drains shouldn’t connect to sewer drains. If yours do, you have the added danger of polluted water in your home or business. Valley Rooter Plumbing & Drainage is a drainage contractor in Abbotsford and we will help you be ready for the next big storm. We inspect and clean storm drains. When you have unexpected flooding, call us 24/7 for an experienced drainage contractor serving the Fraser Valley area.

Rooter Solutions for Clogged Drains

When treatments you buy off the shelf don’t work on your clogged drain, put away the hazardous chemicals and call Valley Rooter Plumbing & Drainage. Our professional cleaning systems clear out every obstruction from paper towels to kitchen grease. Need to clear tree roots out of your drainage pipes? Call Valley Rooter Plumbing & Drainage to speak with a drainage contractor in Abbotsford for our fast and expert cleaning.

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