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We know that a failing septic tank can lead to a wide range of issues, such as property damage, groundwater contamination, and disease. Let us help you maintain a safe and efficient septic tank!

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Septic Tank Services

When it comes to septic repairs, we understand that time is of the essence. Our professional plumbers can help with all your septic tank needs, from the initial call and quote to speedy repairs and installations. We will even take care of removing any old or defective parts for you. If you notice warning signs for your septic tank—backups and slow drains but no clogs, gurgling sounds, or swampy or lush wet spots in your yard—get in touch with us right away. We offer septic service options for both residential and commercial properties.

Specialized Equipment Designed to Make Our Septic Services Faster and Easier

We want to ensure that your septic tank services go as smoothly and as quickly as possible. That is why we use diagnostic cameras and jetters to quickly determine the issue and then clear it out, returning your tank to optimal working condition. Get in touch with us today for all your maintenance needs!

Frequently Asked Septic System Questions

Can I use septic-safe additives to enhance performance?

In most cases, you should avoid using septic additives unless specifically directed to do so by a professional. While some additives claim to enhance performance, they are a rarely necessary and can potentially harm the natural bacterial balance required for proper wastewater treatment.

What can damage a tank?

Several factors can cause damage to septic tanks, including:

  • Flushing non-biodegradable items like wipes, paper towel, and sanitary products
  • Pouring grease, oil, or chemicals down the drain
  • Overloading the system with excessive water usage
  • Driving or building over the drain field

How can I maintain a healthy system?

In order to maintain a healthy tank, you should:

  • Regularly pump your tank to remove accumulated solids
  • Avoid flushing non-biodegradable items and chemicals
  • Conserve water and practice water-efficient habits
  • Have your septic system inspected by a professional every 1-3 years
  • Protect the drain field by not driving or building on it

What are the signs of a failing tank?

Some of the most common signs of a failing tank include slow drains, toilets backing up, foul odours, overly green grass over the drain field, gurgling sounds in fixtures, and sewage surfacing in the yard or basement.

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